Thursday, April 29, 2021


So about a month ago.... I had to take glamour shots. I was all healed from when the rescue found me on the street starving and covered in fleas and ticks so it was time to fly to America and find a new home! My profile was posted and soon the lady picked me..... But she had to convince the guy......

So I started sending him messages like this.....
 And this....
And finally this..... Cause I already do!
And soon I was getting ready to hop on a plane!
The trip lasted A LONG TIME....

But finally I made it and met my new brother Isaac....

And all of my new pals at HOME!!!! 
I have a forever home! 
Ellie is also from Taiwan an has been helping me settle in...



Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Funny Faces

Hi I'm Archie!

I like to make funny faces...

And look cute!

Play with toys...

and tell you my opinion...


The End!
Archie is the newest recruit. He's from an organization called Dogs for Better Lives. 
He's sweet and cute and has quite a personality.

Monday, December 14, 2020


Hi! It's Mara.... Did you know that when I'm not working hard learning to be a service dog.....
I love to....


                                                            Sometimes in interesting ways...

                                                                    Like upside down....

                                                                        Or on my back....

Or using the table legs as a chin rest....
                                        He does not like to sleep with me! (but I do anyways!!!)

                                                                I bare it all sometimes...

                                            And did you know toy boxes make great pillows!!!

                                                                                                                    Love Mar Mar

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Mara Mara


Hi everyone! 
My name is Mara!
I'm going to be a service dog (someday)
This week I met my new foster family.
They seem ok. 

I had my first day at work and I was soooooooooooo goood!
Everyone was happy to have a "therapy" puppy around again!
Whatever that means! I just licked their faces!

I like to play with toys A LOT!
(I have taken every toy out of the toy box and relocated it already.
Toys don't belong in boxes, silly people)

I also like to play with the people.....This guy is super fun!


All that playing makes me tired....

    -Mara Out

Mara is my newest puppy in training (much to Isaac's displeasure). 
I'm training her for Canine Guardian Assistance Dogs. 
They train dogs for people with PTSD.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Dog Camp!!!!

HI! Guess what? I got to go to dog camp this year!!!
It was up in South Lake Tahoe at Wild Blue Dog Camp!

I went with my best buddy Garou! (well he likes me now I think)

                                                 It was so nice! And the sky was so BLUE! (I hear it was orange at home)

I got my CGC (Canine Good Citizen) CGA (Canine Good Citizen Advanced )and my GCU (Canine Good Citizen Urban) as well as my Novice Tricks title!
They said I'm super smart! 

I took lots of naps! This learning stuff is hard!

I did nosework!

I found the container with the birch smell in it!

Took some selfies!

                                                                            Took a nap!

More nosework! But this time I got to search for Julie Ratborts. (the barn hunt rat)

We went kayaking an I did lots of swimming!


                                                                I'm a full fledged golden now!

and took another nap....

I looked regal on the grass. (the place was soooooo pretty! It's at the 4-H camp in Nevada)

And we took a selfie with the beaver I won on our treasure hunt!

I am so tired I think I might sleep for a week!!!
But I can't wait to go back!


Wild Blue Dog Camp is a great week of fun put on by a non profit benefiting canine cancer research 
(a cause close to my heart after losing 4 dogs to cancer.... stinken goldens) Isaac and I had so much fun!
We can't wait to go back!
Check out
for more information.