Friday, November 23, 2012

All I got....

Mom went Black Friday Shopping.....

 and all I got were these stupid antlers.....
Merry Christmas!

Ocho has moved to Phase 2 this week!!!

Phase 2—In town
The dog gets to go in town. By now, the dog is comfortable with his harness and has adjusted to the kennel. The dog is taken on a planned distraction route. Remember watching the movie Up? The dog needs to be able to walk and not scream SQUIRREL. The dog also gets to see the obstacle course.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

One Last Time...

Hi Everyone! It's Everyone's favorite golden (or second favorite at least).
I have many names. Ocho was my given name (or Ochoa but Mom wasn't supposed to know that) but people also called me Chad, Cho, Chorizo, Cho Cho, Choey and Chosef.

 (Wasn't I a cute puppy!)

 I left for college a few weeks ago but my Mom has been too busy getting "married" to blog about it. (I helped a lot with the planning, I should have gotten to go)

But anyways, When Levi left she passed the Kong to me. Since there is no puppy to pass it to currently I guess I shall pass it to Remmy! Take  good care of Mom buddy and I hope you enjoy your time being the only dog! You know that time is fleeting, right? Luv you Big Bro (even if the feeling isn't mutual)

 Hopefully Remmy will keep you up to date on my progress towards becoming a Guide Dog!

Ocho is in phase 1 this week. Silly guy went and just skipped Phase 0 Goooo Ocho!

Phase 0—Arrival period
The dog comes to the kennel and gets acquainted. The dog gets to walk around the campus, gets placed with a kennelmate that he/she plays well together. The dog gets daily grooming, any needed meds, cuddle time with humans, and is introduced to the community run playtime. The dog also goes through a health screening which includes hip X-rays, a formal veterinarian exam, an eye exam, and an accurate weight. The dog is also made up to date on his shots.

Phase 1—Formal training begins
Formal training begins and the dog re-discovers food rewards and learns about clickers. Sit, down, and stay is reintroduced in a very precise way. Dogs learn to refuse offers of hamburgers from strangers and to not pick up strange food off the floor. Dogs are introduced to the harness, get their teeth and ears cleaned, and get petted and massaged. The dogs learn to walk on a treadmill. They learn the commands forward, halt, and hop-up. The dogs tend to LOVE the treadmill.