Sunday, February 28, 2016

Wine Tasting with Old Friends

On Saturday the people took me wine tasting to this really pretty place. 
 I think they called it  The Terraces Winery.
My old buddy Hensley was there. He's almost 2 now and much more fun when he stays with 
his family!
We got lots of pets (cause we are so handsome). Look how well I trained that young guy....going in for the kill with the ladies! I got my fair share too. One guy even commented that "there was NO WAY I was 14". Guess I had my young face on!
We of course took photos....

 And I begged for ice from random people.... It was hot!!!

 And of course they gave in to my cute face and gave me some.....YUM!!!!
Wine for the people...
Ice for me....
Fun was had by all! (and the tri tip was amazing!)

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Happy 14th Birthday to ME!!!

Sunday Feb 7 was my 14th birthday!

I was soooooo excited about it that I decided to throw a party!

 There were snacks....

And decorations...

CAKE!!! (there were puppy cupcakes too!) 

And of course hats!!!

None of my friends wanted to wear hats....and they were a little camera shy but I'm glad they came and shared my steak and cupcakes with me!!!  (they even brought me presents! I'm a lucky guy!)
We partied late into the night... Just like my old college days!!!

 On Sunday I of course had to have a photoshoot.....cause I'm just handsome like that.....

 Here's a little preview...

Here's to many many more birthdays!!!!