Monday, December 31, 2012


Today is New Years Eve (whatever that means) so Mom took me to play in the snow!

I got to play with my friends Banner, 


And Whitney!
 Of course the first thing they tried to make us do was go sledding! Banner wasn't too thrilled with the idea.....

Then Mom made me do it too. Again...not real thrilled with the idea.

So I took off running afterwards!!! Yipppeeee!!!

Sundae was lucky. They just let her run behind the sled.

John tried to get into the action too but ended up tumbling....HAHAHAHAHAHA

 It was all quite exhausting....

 And of course being a holiday they had to make us dress up. Only the older dogs would wear the hats

 Silly humans

Ocho is in Phase 7!!!!!

Phase 7—Advanced training
Guide work training continues and dogs learn city traffic patterns, difficult crossings, difficult clearance situations, areas with a challenging line, animal distractions, surface issues, curb approach challenges, pedestrian islands, crowded sidewalks, different pedestrian climates, additional city bus exposure, additional rapid transit ride exposure, escalators, and rounded corners.

And a little birdie told me that a small golden with a name starting with "A" may be arriving soon. I refuse to believe it.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

 Merry Christmas Everyone! This year I got lots of hedgehogs and some bully sticks! (Even though I wasn't a very good dog this year) AND no puppies! Lets hope my luck keeps holding out!

Ocho is in Phase 5!!!! Go little Cho Cho!

Phase 5—Traffic training and city work
The dog starts advanced guide work and is exposed to different buildings. The dogs are introduced to escalators and have formal traffic training. They are taught responsibility in making emergency decisions with traffic problems. Dogs are taught how to handle total barricades in paths. The vets have a meeting about the dog and review his or her health.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,
This year I have tried so hard to be a good dog. It's just so hard when my Mom leave tasty things like cake mix (and wedding cake) out where I can reach them. I really think you should give me a break. I put up with Ocho alllllll of last year. (and believe me that was tough).

Sure he looked all sweet and innocent....

 But he was really just waiting until Mom's back was turned and then he attacked.....Sheesh good thing I made it though that!

Also....I put up with this guy! Always hanging around and butting in on my time with Mom. But I guess he's kinda cool.....So ultimately...

 I was an awesome dog who escorted Mom and John back down the aisle after they got married!  Should have seen the Deacons face when I jumped out to escort! So John gets to stay(as long as he keeps buying treats)

So Santa....While I've done some naughty things this year....I've also done some amazing things too! Please take that, and my silly golden grin into consideration when you are handing out the hedgehogs this year!


Ocho Report

Ocho is in Phase 4 now!!! 
(I may have missed blogging the week he was in phase 3....whoops smarty pants is moving to fast!)

Phase 3—Preliminary testing
Dogs are obedience tested for sit, down, heel, come, and stay with distractions. Dogs are tested for food refusal and general ease of body handling. The dogs go through their preliminary blindfold testing over approximately ten blocks.
Phase 4—Intelligent disobedience
The dogs are expected to make decisions when necessary and to work past distractions. Dogs are exposed to traffic work and learn stop, hold line, and back up on their line. New handlers come and make sure the dogs accept their body being handled by strangers. Extra socialization is given to the dogs that need it.

Friday, November 23, 2012

All I got....

Mom went Black Friday Shopping.....

 and all I got were these stupid antlers.....
Merry Christmas!

Ocho has moved to Phase 2 this week!!!

Phase 2—In town
The dog gets to go in town. By now, the dog is comfortable with his harness and has adjusted to the kennel. The dog is taken on a planned distraction route. Remember watching the movie Up? The dog needs to be able to walk and not scream SQUIRREL. The dog also gets to see the obstacle course.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

One Last Time...

Hi Everyone! It's Everyone's favorite golden (or second favorite at least).
I have many names. Ocho was my given name (or Ochoa but Mom wasn't supposed to know that) but people also called me Chad, Cho, Chorizo, Cho Cho, Choey and Chosef.

 (Wasn't I a cute puppy!)

 I left for college a few weeks ago but my Mom has been too busy getting "married" to blog about it. (I helped a lot with the planning, I should have gotten to go)

But anyways, When Levi left she passed the Kong to me. Since there is no puppy to pass it to currently I guess I shall pass it to Remmy! Take  good care of Mom buddy and I hope you enjoy your time being the only dog! You know that time is fleeting, right? Luv you Big Bro (even if the feeling isn't mutual)

 Hopefully Remmy will keep you up to date on my progress towards becoming a Guide Dog!

Ocho is in phase 1 this week. Silly guy went and just skipped Phase 0 Goooo Ocho!

Phase 0—Arrival period
The dog comes to the kennel and gets acquainted. The dog gets to walk around the campus, gets placed with a kennelmate that he/she plays well together. The dog gets daily grooming, any needed meds, cuddle time with humans, and is introduced to the community run playtime. The dog also goes through a health screening which includes hip X-rays, a formal veterinarian exam, an eye exam, and an accurate weight. The dog is also made up to date on his shots.

Phase 1—Formal training begins
Formal training begins and the dog re-discovers food rewards and learns about clickers. Sit, down, and stay is reintroduced in a very precise way. Dogs learn to refuse offers of hamburgers from strangers and to not pick up strange food off the floor. Dogs are introduced to the harness, get their teeth and ears cleaned, and get petted and massaged. The dogs learn to walk on a treadmill. They learn the commands forward, halt, and hop-up. The dogs tend to LOVE the treadmill.  

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The cutest pumpkins

On Saturday we went to the pumpkin patch. Super fun! Mom says its one of my last big outings (whatever that means)

 I posed handsomely for my photos!

 Then Remmy even let me pose a little with him.......awwww I love you big bro!

In case you were wondering.....they tricked us with kibble to make us look at the camera!

Remmy of course had to pose by himself too@
 I found this house at the pumpkin patch. Mom keeps saying she wants a house.....maybe she should get this one!!!!

I got lost in the corn!
Good thing there was this sign to tell me where to go...Phew!

 I found this sign too......Mom says it means children are bad.....I just like to chase them!!!!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

I was just minding my own business...

 So I was playing with my Kong (it's my favorite!)

 I looked up and there was a camera in my face.....

 So I tried to smile (but I had a Kong in my mouth)

 This one was a little better!

 Then they took my Kong away and made me smile....I was sad!

So I stole a pair of shorts and and tried to eat them!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Golf Puppy

On Saturday I went golfing with Mom's work.
It was FUN!

I really wanted to drive the golf cart but Mom said I wasn't old enough. Come on! I'm a whole year old now! She was just being silly! I would have driven a whole lot better than some of those guys out there.

Even my saddest puppy face didn't work. So I ended riding on the floor with the wind in my face. Not a bad gig.

I decided since I didn't get to drive I'd watch the balls fly towards the hole. ( I guess that's the point of the whole silly game) The was almost as fun as watching the birds in the ponds or "water hazards" as everyone kept calling them.

 Then we waited for the people in front of us because they were slow.....

So Mom decided she needed my photo with a golf ball on the green.

 I tried to control myself, really, I did......

 But the ball looked so tasty......

 I just wanted to take it and play..... I'm just a baby golden.....

Then Mom made me wait in the cart a while. I was sad....

So I told her if she let me watch the next round she'd sink her putt....
 AND SHE DID!!!! All because of me.....

 Being a golf puppy is hard work....time for a nap!