Friday, November 28, 2014

I'm Bindi!

Hi! I'm Bindi!

I'm cute!

 And cuddly....
And kinda naughty!

Sometimes my brothers hide from me behind the couch......

but I swear I love them! 

 They told me to go play with the toys instead or their tails..... woe is me

But we are one big happy family, I swear!

 Right now I sleep a lot.....

But when I'm awake I can be a little sassy...  I was named after the Crocodile Hunter's daughter

 So that's me.....You will be hearing lots from me...I like to talk!
- Bindi

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Checking Out

It's Official!
I'm not going to be a guide dog....
 (Did the tennis ball give it away?)

 Yep, the powers that be decided that another career was right for me.....

 And me and my tennis ball are pretty thrilled!

 I'm going to miss my brothers!

 (Remmy refused to be in the group shot so he got his own)

 But my new life will be just as much fun!

SOO I was kinda busy with tennis balls on my last days home.....

But I did leave the traditional Kong that gets passed from puppy to puppy.... At the bottom of the toy box I think? Hope you find it Miss B!




Oh but don't worry....I'm not going too far. I'll be checking back in. In fact there is talk I may get my own Facebook page!

This is Hensley, checking out of guide dog world and into the wonderful world of petdom! (do you know you can eat bacon off the floor?)
Love and Slobbery Kisses,

Hensley's Last Hurrah

So last weekend the people told me they were taking me on my "last hurrah"

I don't know what that means but it was super fun! It started with a ride on the Ferry
 Then we went to this place called Angel Island....Apparently the people have history there that weekend....

 It was pretty so of course we took photos!

 They said I'm handsome...I just wanted to chase the birds!

On Sunday we went to the Exploratoriaum in San Francisco! It was fun too but I liked Angel Island more!


I was told my life is going to change A LOT real soon! I'll keep you updated!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Pretty Princess!

Happy Birthday Zuzu!
Today is your 2nd Birthday. And look how far you have come!

 I remember the day I picked you up like it was yesterday! Fat and Fluffy I told everyone!

You were so little that the baby puppy coat didn't even fit!

But darn were cute!

You grew up

Learned how to swim...
 Grew bigger!

 But you never lost your crazy....


Even when we met you at your graduation!

Happy Birthday Pretty Princess! Hope its a good one!!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Noodle Head!

 Meet Pasta!
(goofy ears huh?)
 Last month Hensley went to "summer camp" and I got the opportunity to enjoy interacting with Pasta.

Cool thing about her is that she is one of the Karen Pryor Academy "experiment dogs"

 So we got to do some different new stuff that was part of her training.......

 She looks fierce but she's a sweet heart for sure!

 Possessed? Nahhhhh.....

 I really enjoyed my time with this little black lab.....
(did I really just say that????)
 (especially when she was sleeping!)

 Just kidding... She is a super girl....

 I wish her the best of luck in her new KPA home in Washington!

See you at graduation Noodle Head!