Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Bonjour....or something like that

Nice to meet you! My name is Pierre!

I love to play ball!

I'm 10 and I even still fetch balls!

I've met so many nice creatures since I've been here. 
That short haired one is a little crazy, but I guess she's kinda cool!

Unless she steals my ball!!!

Did I mention I love balls?

You see I'm not really French. I'm from Taiwan. (yes that was a long plane ride)
Now I'm an American Dog!
but please be patient with me, my English is still shaky!

I am a little deaf. So wave your hands a lot when you meet me!
(or it might be selective hearing, I'll never tell!) 

I'm so happy to be here in America with my new family.
Did I mention I love balls?!?!

Monday, January 29, 2018

So many things!!!

 Hey Everyone!!!
Long time no update.....and A LOT has happened!

 Sooooooo let's slide right into it!
There was this crazy huge fire in Napa in October! My brothers hung out with this cute girl.....

But I just hung in Eureka at my puppy swap doing awesome! 

When I got back I found out I am going to be a COUSIN!!!!

Not long after we picked up this guy..... He's the foster dog and he is supposed to be finding a new home....he's not very good at that though! Hopefully soon!
In December I won the ugly sweater contest!
And took a cute family photo!

New Years Eve we lost my big brother Griff. I miss him A LOT but I hope he's 
having fun in heaven with all his friends!
Oh yeah! And the BEST PART of my update!

I also got my forever name.... 
I'm "Violet" now!
(Violet is the Pantone color of the year, tricky huh?)
In May the IN TRAINING comes off my vest and I'm a REAL service dog!

WOW!!! That was a lot of excitement!
Time for a nap!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Pantone the Artist!

Yesterday they asked me to do a photoshoot for 
Good Dog Autism Companions! paint night fundraiser!
Check out http://www.gooddogautismcompanions.org/painting-parties.html
for more info!
 First I caught the brush!

 Then I ran away with it!

 Then I tried to paint.....But couldn't figure out what that meant....

 So I did my best moody artist pout!

If you have the time, buy a ticket and come paint! You can meet me at both the Sacramento and Walnut Creek event! Should be a blast and you will be helping kids get great dogs like ME!!!!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Come on guys LETS PLAY!!!

Come on guys!!! 
We have an extra day off and the lady painted weird things on the lawn! 
 Aww kid I'd love too...But these old bones would rather just sunbathe....Besides I have everyday off!


 Fine you boring guys I'll play on my own!!!


 And running!

 And ball chasing!

 SOOOOOOO much fun!!!!

And of course portraits....cause we are soooooo amazing!!!
(aren't I cute) 

 Isaac did not want his taken...

 But perked up to the word "cookie" of course!

 And then went........

 What a nut!

And as old men do.....Griff just posed....

This whole extra day off thing is fun! I hear people are coming over later too! SCORE!!!!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Weekends are for ball playing...

Today we played ball!!!! 

 It was sooo fun I lept in the air!!!

 Then I tried to catch the ball in the air!

 I'm not very good at it apparently.....

 But I can do a mean puppy dance!!!

 I call bad throw on this one!!!

So close!!!

 Finally I caught it!!! Wooooohoooo!!!

Then we played fetch again...
Wait... where did the ball go?

I love the weekends!!!