Saturday, March 25, 2017

Colors goes to a wedding!

Last weekend I was invited to a BEAUTIFUL wedding!
It was a friend of the peoples...actually the bride was the one that introduced them!!! 
I was so excited to be invited!

First we took some photos with the beach background.....
(Isn't my wedding collar so PRETTY)

 Then I took some photos with the people...
I think they like me!!!

Then we went to sit down..... 
And we got to watch the bride walk down the aisle!!!!!!
(I waited so patiently) 

She was such a pretty bride! I got to take my photo with her after the ceremony! 
I felt so special! She dubbed me Colors the puppy! 

 After the ceremony we got to eat dinner! Well the people got to eat dinner.... I just got to wait in line....politely

And then lay sadly under the table while everyone ate yummy tacos!
Woe is meeeeeee!

Later the bride threw this......I caught it!!!!!

 I hear that means I'm going to be married next. I don't know what that means. But it sounds scary!

 I needed a drink!
Such a fun night! 
Love you Nat and Nate!
<3 Colors

Monday, March 20, 2017

Swiming like Jaws

Over the weekend my brothers and I went to Southern California for lots of adventures.... 

The first of course being a swim in the pool!

 I tried to be a good swimmer...

 And Griff laughed at me!!!!

So I tried to get Isaac to play......

 I used my cutest puppy face......

And my fierce faces.... 

I'm soooooo fierce!!!
(I kind of look like Jaws)

 But no one else would swim..... so I got out and shook it off...

Then Griff and I were eyeing the man with the octopus tug....

I tugged and I tugged!!! 

Until the old guy jumped in and ran off with it....Mean!!!
I can't wait to swim again!!!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Birthday Fun

On Saturday we went wine tasting for Mom's birthday....

 I didn't get to taste any wine but I posed for a lot of photos

Gotta humor the humans!

 I look so cute in this one but those silly humans ruined it!

 Come on people! Model dog here taking glamour shots!

 I tried to smell the wine since I couldn't drink it....I don't get the appeal....
Fresh air is much yummier!

 Finally we went inside and I got a break from the glamour shots! I layed nicely like the good puppy I am while they had fun. I swear I didn't mean to lick that ladies foot!

Then I closed my eyes and made a birthday wish for Mom!

(I hope she likes kibble!!!)

Friday, February 17, 2017

Belly Flops!

 Last week I went to the Jelly Belly Factory!!!
It was a super fun time!

I wanted this shirt but the people wouldn't buy it for me..... boo
(so I may have left a little dog hair on it)

 Do you think I could use these jelly bean dispensers to dispense treats?
(my work peeps would totally totally give me tons!)

 We bought some yummy "bubbly" beans for a friend....

 Then we visited the Belly Flops!

 And I flopped!

I had so much fun I didn't want to go home....
(but they promised me Jelly Bean flavored Cheerios so I went!)

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Shopping with the Peeps!

 Today I went on my first walking outing to the grocery store! 

We picked up OJ for sure since everyone seems to be catching to horrible plague that's going around!
I checked out their selection of wine. I mean I see these labels all the time... I should get to try some?

 Right Mom?

 She said no so I checked out what else we got.... No puppy treats or steak....super boring!

Guess we better check out of this place so I can go home and play!

Phanniman Report!   
 Phantom is a graduate!!!
Phannie graduated on Jauary 21st with a wonderful partner. They are living in Austin Texas. More to come on this!