Sunday, November 4, 2018


Changa (pronounced Chonga)
Spanish for monkey (or just a really cute black labrador!)
Thats Me! 
Changa, Cha Cha, ChaCharific, Chimichanga
(they also call me "No! Quiet!" a lot here but I'm not sure what that's about, I mean a puppy is allowed to have opinions right?)

About a week ago I met my new family.....
It's super fun here with lots of giant toys...

              and Brothers that LOVE ME!!!!
I get to go to work! There are so many people there. AND EVERYONE LOVES ME!!!

I even celebrated my first holiday! Halloween! 

I've grown too! That me at 8 weeks on the left and a week later on the right! 
I weigh 12 pounds!!!! (It's just puppy fat I swear)

 These people are pretty cool. I kind of like it here. 
More Adventures to come!

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Exciting News!

 Hey everyone! Captain here! I know you haven't heard much from me in my short time with the people....But I have some exciting news.

  I've decided not to be a service dog! (maybe there is show dog is my future? I'm pretty handsome)
Its just a little to scary for me. But don't fret! I found myself an awesome new family!

 They call me their "pet". I don't know what that means but its SUPER fun! I have this awesome sister names Macie and a dog walkers! Life doesn't get better than this!

So this is me signing out! If you want to keep up on my adventures you can follow Cap_and_Macie on Instagram. Otherwise I'll see you later! I'm off to be a PET!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Oh Captain my Captain

Ahoy Everyone! My name is Captain! I'm the new kid in town! 

I came from met my new Mom back in March. I guess she's ok.
I like to run

And play tug 

Sleep with my new friend Isaac

Chill with one of my new people
 Attack donuts!

 Chew on balls

 Do the Captain Morgan pose.....

 And just be stinken cute!

Its a lot of work being a puppy!
Time for a nap!


Saturday, June 23, 2018

I did it!!!

*Editors note... I'm a little behind! Lots of adventures coming!*
 Hi guys! Guess what? In May my life changed sooooo much!
Early in May my person told me we were going to do some extra fun stuff and it was my "last hurrah" with her!  She said I had super fun things ahead and soon I'd be a full fledged service dog! 
I didn't understand but I said Ok!

We went to the beach! I loved the waves and the water!

We went camping and I got to run through fields of flowers!
 It was exhausting!

I said goodbye to the big dog! 

 I had one last day at the persons work...

 We did some goofy things that day that she's never let me do before!
Then the next day we got up SUPER early and flew on a big noisy thing down to southern California.

We waited outside a house that morning for a little while.....
Then the person gave me one last big kiss!

And we went inside to meet my new person!
She's super cool!
 I practiced all my commands with her during the week. I was awesome. We got to go places and do lots of stuff together.

 Then on Saturday I graduated! I'm a full fledged service dog now!

 This is my new kid. My new family is pretty cool!

 I miss my other person a bit. But this is what I was born to do! I'm so happy living with my new family. I get to go to work with the lady and we go on lots of hikes and do lots of super fun stuff.
I love being a working dog. Off on more adventures! If your lucky my new family will send pictures and I can keep updating you!

-Woof Out

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Bonjour....or something like that

Nice to meet you! My name is Pierre!

I love to play ball!

I'm 10 and I even still fetch balls!

I've met so many nice creatures since I've been here. 
That short haired one is a little crazy, but I guess she's kinda cool!

Unless she steals my ball!!!

Did I mention I love balls?

You see I'm not really French. I'm from Taiwan. (yes that was a long plane ride)
Now I'm an American Dog!
but please be patient with me, my English is still shaky!

I am a little deaf. So wave your hands a lot when you meet me!
(or it might be selective hearing, I'll never tell!) 

I'm so happy to be here in America with my new family.
Did I mention I love balls?!?!