Saturday, March 16, 2019

The Agility Superstar!

Last weekend I got to do my favorite thing (besides eating)
I got to do agility. Mom helped (even though she was really sick and should not have been there)
She told me her birthday was Monday and all she wanted was one qualifying score and maybe some color of ribbon.... I promised I'd at least try not to run out of the ring and get a NT....

I came through in my very first run!!! Booya!!
Second run not quite so steller. I was very tired (see above photo) and Mom felt crappy so we went home...

The next day I sort of forgot my promise.....

I ran through the tunnel...

And flew over the last jump.....
But the lady outside the gate looked so nice. So I just HAD to go see her....

But I still got kisses and Mom said we could try again! 


So I went back to "relax" in my crate and think about my next run.
(For those that don't know me well....
just this feat of relaxing in my crate away from home is amazing!)

So we went back in....I jumped the jumps

I did the dogwalk....(does this dogwalk make my butt look big?)

And I got to the last jump and guess what!!!! I saw the man!!!
But instead of running out to see him I just ran to the corner to see him....
(or maybe he knew where to stand better this time)

And another blue ribbon!!
AND I got lots of kisses again!

It was a good weekend. And I gave Mom an awesome birthday present!!!

-Newton (the agility superstar)

Friday, March 15, 2019

Favorite Time of Year

Hey everyone!!! I'm blog crashing!!! 
(Although to be fair I'm more golden than that black dog was and he got to blog!!!)
You know why???
Cause its my favorite time of year!!!

Yep! On Sunday we "sprung forward" and hour

 And I'm kicking up my heels to celebrate!

 More sunlight!

And more time with the people!  


 Time to eat some of that Spring grass!!!!

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Missing! (or not)

Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know something weird is going on!

All of the sudden all the toys are back! Even the fluffy ones that used to explode somehow! 

My ball never goes missing....

And I can lay on a dog bed without something "falling" on me!

 I can nap undisturbed in the sun.....

And don't get knocked over while hoping for cookies!

It's almost as if something is missing!

 But I'm not missing it!!!! Time for a nap!!!!


Saturday, January 26, 2019


Hey everyone! Pantone here. I thought you needed an update on my life. There's been lots of excitement since I last talked to you.....
First a sad thing happened. My first family decided that having a service dog wasn't the right choice for them.  They gave me back to Good Dog! to find a new forever family. I was sad but I understood. They didn't blame me, it just wasn't the right decision for them.

 So I went to Las Vegas! I got to hang out with my a different trainer for a while and got to hone my service dog skills! I went on lots of adventures in Vegas!
 It was super fun!!!

Then in December I got the best news!
A new forever family had been found for me. I packed my bags and got ready to move to Kentucky!
(I hear there is this thing call snow there, sounds like fun!!!)
 They named me Joy after the character in Inside Out. I think that's just perfect based on my personality!!!

 So I flew to Kentucky and had my very own team training with my new Mom... Look how good I am....And then I finally got to graduate again....AND THEN.....
I got to go on my first walk with my new little girl!

 I play a lot with my new family. Even on the trampoline with my new family....

 And I get lots of hugs!!!!

 Life is good! I love it. This is what I was meant to do. And I've never been happier. 
Hence the name "Joy".

Time for a Nap!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Join My Team!!!!

People are weird...
Let me tell you a story about that...
When I was 13 weeks old they told me we had to have a photo shoot. I don't know why they need photos for EVERYTHING! They said it was the photo for my GoodDog! Team Page.... guess I'll learn more about that later.
They started by "torturing me" and holding me in position until the camera was ready....

Then they let go.....and wait for it...

So we tried again!


Ultimately I hung out for a few seconds and I think they turned out pretty well. I am pretty cute so how could they not?
If you love hearing my updates (like my blogs) and want to hear special just for you updates you should join my team! Every month you will get exclusive photos of my training outing and even a video showing just how smart I am. You only get to see these photos and videos if you are on my team.  I will still blog, but this way you would for sure get updates every month (sometimes the humans forget to blog....silly humans) Follow this link  to join!!! 
You should do it! You know I'm cute and lovable.

 Oh and growing updates!!!! Left is me when I first got here. Right is me at 4 months!!! I'm gigantic!!

Love you all, I promise to try to update more!

Sunday, November 4, 2018


Changa (pronounced Chonga)
Spanish for monkey (or just a really cute black labrador!)
Thats Me! 
Changa, Cha Cha, ChaCharific, Chimichanga
(they also call me "No! Quiet!" a lot here but I'm not sure what that's about, I mean a puppy is allowed to have opinions right?)

About a week ago I met my new family.....
It's super fun here with lots of giant toys...

              and Brothers that LOVE ME!!!!
I get to go to work! There are so many people there. AND EVERYONE LOVES ME!!!

I even celebrated my first holiday! Halloween! 

I've grown too! That me at 8 weeks on the left and a week later on the right! 
I weigh 12 pounds!!!! (It's just puppy fat I swear)

 These people are pretty cool. I kind of like it here. 
More Adventures to come!