Monday, August 24, 2015

'Cause I'm Awesome

Today I had a photo shoot. Whats the occasion you ask?
(oh yeah and puppies and brothers are dumb) 

 We went to this place that had trees.....
(Aren't I handsome)

Then we walked out to this field....

This guy had the treats so I let him come with me...

 Look I have a halo....I must be an angel
(or at least have been forgiven for the cake mix incident!)

 We found more trees....
(I always smile big for gets you more treats)

 We found this picnic table....
I was hoping there would be dinner on it but alas...
I just had to pose my super cute self with an empty one

The best part was.... We left the baby dogs at home!
They are so annoying!

Pretty dang good looking for an 13 year old huh?

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Swamp Foot!

Last weekend I went to the Sonoma County Fair!
It was HOT!

I stepped in a puddle on the way in and the people were calling me swamp foot.....sooooo mean!
So I tried to jiggle the mud didn't work :-(

Then they had ice cream and dribbled it on my head.... WOE is me!!!
So abused!

 When I finally got cleaned up (except my foot) I got my photo taken with the pretty flowers!
(I only tried to eat a few)

 And with the Minions and one of my people!

There was this big scary gorilla there too....
But the person didn't make me take my photo alone so it was ok!
(I gave her a big kiss to thank her)