Thursday, August 18, 2016

I could never do that...

When you are a puppy raiser you hear it at least once a week. 
"How can you possibly give your puppy up? I could never do that?"
And of course I have my answers that I give people....
"It's hard, but you get to go to graduation and see what a difference the puppy makes 
 and it makes it all worth it."

It's an answer I've given forever. And I've actually been told before that I must not love animals if I was capable of giving my dog away.  Because they (the person I was talking to) could NEVER do it.... Because they LOVE their dogs!
So as I was struggling with Phantom's recall a few weeks ago I really started to really think about that answer.

Anyone that knows me knows that I love animals. And not in the sense of yeah she "loves" her  animals but they really are the center of my life. Rembrandt was in my wedding and my husband was aware when we were married that that dog would always outrank him.
(He's not sure where he stands with the horse. )

So how is a girl, that loves her animals so much, more capable than random guy at the grocery store of giving away a puppy she's put so much love and effort into? 

These goofy dogs that she's spent quite literally ALL of her time with for a year. 
Taken them through all the naughty stages and finally made them good dogs.... 


And then I opened my e-mail... 
And I had an e-mail from Ocho. A puppy I raised a few years ago
(His person always e-mails in his voice)
He told me what he'd been up to and my favorite line was this

"I am such a great work dog.  Mom totally trusts me and loves me to pieces.  I have her wrapped around my big paws."

My Ocho! She loves him and trusts him! I helped with that!

That's Ocho with his new Mom! She loves him! 

 And I realized.... as puppy raisers we don't love our puppies less because we give them up.
Rather we love them more.
We are willing to pour all we have into them and then send them on to do amazing things. 

 Giving up a puppy is hard.... But what these dogs can do is amazing!
Which is why my answer is right and I will continue to give it every time someone asks the question.
Even if I can't actually explain it well to someone who's never been through it..

And also why I will continue to pick up a new puppy to start training every time I do the hard part. Even if my heart is still in a million pieces....

Phantom Report
Phantom is in Phase 0
Phase 0 consists of medical checks and acclimation to the kennel. If he passes all of those he will get assigned an instructor and start training soon! Go Phannie!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

He's off!!!

 At the end of July it was time for me to go to college! WHOOO HOOO ! Trading this green coat in for a harness! (What is a harness?)

 So I said goodbye to my brothers....

 Went on one last breakfast outing with the people.... 
(I wanted some of their bacon as a goodbye gift but they said mean)

 We filled up for the road trip!

 I was a good supervisor of the fill up!
(Don't worry, I put my head back in and the window went up when the car started. 
You are all a bunch of buzz kills!)
 And then we drove to COLLEGE!!

 Look they even had a welcome sign for me!
Mom said the photos had to stop here because she was getting too sad. But my dorm room is pretty cool. I hope I get an awesome roommate that loves to play! 
The people will keep you updated with my progress at I go through college.
I promise to try my hardest!
See you at graduation!

I'm a Fatty..

Hi! "Don't Eat That" here! 

 Last week we went to this place called the "vet" for "shots". 
I don't know what either of those things are...but...

 Ever since, the people have been calling me "Fatty McPuppy"..... 
I guess the big black mat thing said I weighed 22.7lbs!
(I'm only 12 weeks!)

I'm just a growing girl! They are sooooo mean! I'm telling Rembrandt!

Phantom is in Phase 0
 Phase 0 consists of medical checks and acclimation to the kennel. If he passes all of those he will get assigned an instructor and start training soon! Go Phannie!