Friday, August 16, 2013

A Crazy Update....

Guess WHAT!!!!
Ocho sent us an e-mail the other day! He even sent us some photos!

This is him with his brother Gretzky. Sadly Gretzky passed away a little while ago but he was around to show Ocho the ropes.


 This is a photo that Ocho's trainer took of him while he was in training. Doesn't he look handsome.
Ocho says he's loving life. He even gets to sleep (as well as launch himself from) on the bed!!!!  He gets lots of kisses and toys and and he makes sure life isn't all work and no play! He was just evaluated by a GDB field rep and they said he puts as much enthusiasm to his work as he does his play! His new Mom says he gives her great confidence when she travels!

So happy to hear he's doing so well! And guess what???? He's coming to the Alumni Reunion in October to we get to see him again.....YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!

- Azara

Thursday, August 15, 2013

To the lake we go.....

So I'm a little behind....but a few weekends ago we went camping at the lake! (and I swear thats not a stick in my mouth)

Remmy and I piled into the car with all the stuff and away we went! Don't worry, Mom rolled up the window before we started driving!
I even got to sleep in a tent. Super fun! Although Rembrandt didn't really like me on his bed! (can't tell though because he always smiles)

 Aislin dug a hole and slept in that most of the weekend. I wanted to share it with her but she said no..

When we went down to the lake. Dagan first chased sticks for a while.

 Then he rolled in a dead fish....Look how proud he is. I wanted to too but Mom said no...

 Everyone went swimming but Kippling.......he said no way.....Silly golden! Don't you know your a water dog!
 Remmy chased sticks too.....

 Then posed of course...

Even Aislin Swam!!! I tried to help her, but she said she didn't need help! She could have been polite about it!
Then she posed too! Remmy is rubbing off!

 Not sure what I was asking Rem here but he obviously did not agree!

 So I tried to help Timmy swim....

 I swear I was helping!!!!

 Isn't he handsome!!!! (Ssssshhhh don't tell Kippling I said that)

 Remmy needed a nap after all that swimming..... Poor old guy was tuckered out....
 And Dagan threw drool on everyone....silly career changes!!!

 Such a long, fun weekend.....I was soo sleepy on the drive home!

PS I have an exciting update coming soon! Stay tuned