Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sorry Mom!

Today I had my very first REAL agility match!
Yep no more silly "fun matches" for me! I'm the real deal now!
(well sort of)

The first class was called Full House. Different obstacles were worth different points and at my level  I had to get 19 points and then go to the table....Hmmmmmm...
Good thing it was the first one. I got to zoom around and Mom could sort of just point to obstacles and hope. IT WAS SUPER FUN!!!! Mom didn't seem quite as thrilled with the zoomie action.
Sorry Mom!

The next class was standard. I thought I had this one in the bag. We practice this all the time in class. But as you can see by the cone I got a little confused. Ok a lot confused and I jumped some jumps the wrong way.... (I may have done the tunnel backwards too....whooops) 
Sorry Mom!

After that we had a little break so we went back to rest in the car....Turns out Mom still loves me even when I forget my brain...Phewwwwwww
The next game was called Wild Card. This one had a course (unlike Full House where you made up your own) but it had certain choices you had to make between obstacles that were worth more points. We almost missed this class because of our break and walk....Whoops!
I kinda flubbed this one up too. We did really well and did everything well... and then I saw the guy videoing near the out gate....I got so excited I missed the last jump! 
Mom was very sad....But she gave me a hug and told me she was proud that I was mostly listening so well today and trying so hard.... 
Sorry Mom! 
We hung out for a while near the rings so I could get used to the chaos. I'm not allowed to wear a collar when I run. Don't I look good naked!? 

 The last class was Colors. There are two different colored courses and you have to pick one. 
Easy right?
  Sadly my brain was a little fried at this point and I sorta blew off the last jump again... and just circled it and then tried to leave...
Sorry Mom!

 Good thing she still loves meeeeeeee!!!!

I had SOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun today! And I'm SOOOO tired! 
 I hope Mom wants to do this again with me! PLEASEEEEEEE!!!!
P.S. Another exciting thing also happened this weekend but I'll tell you about that later

                                           Phanniman Report! 
 Phantom is in Phase 8
We skipped phase 7 and went straight to 8! Time to find that perfect person! Go Phannie GO!!!
Phase 8—Final testing, finishing, and pre-matching
Dogs are tested for obedience, blindfold, traffic, and buildings. Dogs practice with less experiences handlers. Some dogs are given special training like how to push a crosswalk button. Dogs are prepared to enter class. 

Saturday, October 15, 2016

The little Fashionista

My name is Fashion!

 I'm the new kid in town!
(Don't judge me on my name! I didn't choose it!)

 I have to say this new place is pretty cool...

 Lots of room to run!

 I mean LOTS!!!!

 And many places for me to pose!

 The new crew is pretty cool too! Although I'm not sure they feel the same about me...

 The people say I'm cute....

 But they don't understand that I'm gonna be a star!

 If this goober would just put me down!!!

 I could hide from the puperazi!

 Look how little I am at 9 weeks!

Fashionista OUT!

                                  Phanniman Report! 
 Phantom is in Phase 6
I missed phase 5 because I'm a slacker but the cute kid is in phase 6 now! Go Phannie GO!!! 
Phase 6—Urban Challenges 
Dogs learn new sidewalk techniques, are introduced to platform edges, light rail, and subway systems.

Phase 5—Traffic training and city work
The dog starts advanced guide work and is exposed to different buildings. The dogs are introduced to escalators and have formal traffic training. They are taught responsibility in making emergency decisions with traffic problems. Dogs are taught how to handle total barricades in paths. The vets have a meeting about the dog and review his or her health.