Monday, February 18, 2013

Growing Growing Growing

Hi Guys! I swear I updated last week.....I just forgot to post it to facebook.... Silly golden brain! You should go see how naughty I am when only John is home! Anyways this week I've been doing a lot of growing!
This was me when Mom first got me! What a little baby I was. 

This was me last week at 13 weeks!

And this is me today!!!! Mom calls me a monster but I think I look more like a MOOOSE!!!

 I still have a long way to go to catch up to this guy though!

 In between growing and sleeping and eating and terrorizing....I've made friends with the JOLLY BALL!

 By friends I mean I chase it down and chew on it and it lies there nicely... (unlike Rembrandt who refuses to let me chew/play tug with his tail)

 Aren't we a cute pair...


Love the naughty girl,

Ocho Report
Mr. Ocho is still hanging out in Phase 8! Hope you are getting lots of walks and Kennel Enrichment up at Guide Dogs buddy! Can't wait to see you again!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

While the Mom is away....

 the puppies will play.....hehehehhhehee

  I love to stay home with just John....

 I get to do naughty things.....and he just takes video of me!

 This is the tasty stick I found!

 I look so innocent!!!!

 And then I tried to smoke it like a cigar....

 Sigh.....Mom should go away more often that was fun.....even Remmy got in on the action....

He curled right up on the comfy sack as soon as Mom left...haha NAUGHTY DOGS!
In case you are wondering if I've grown this week....Mom keeps calling me a weed..... this was me at 12 weeks!
This was me on Sunday.

Getting bigger everyday!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

It's my birthday.....

 AND I'll do what I want to!
(Ok so it was on Thursday, but in my family we celebrate birthday months so nanner nanner)

This includes but is not limited to......eating bananas, making my Mom spend way too much at the pet store, having steak for dinner and locking up small obnoxious puppies!
 I also should get my head scratched a lot!

  And play with many hedgehogs! (Maybe get a new one!)

Now that I think of it, why should these things have to only be once a year! I'm 11 now....they should happen all the time!!!

Wasn't I a cute puppy! Never grew out of it huh?

 I should also get lots of love from my Mom! (but that happens everyday)

 And take naps in the grass.....I guess she can come too....


 Happy 11th Birthday Rembrandt!!!! Here's hoping for many more!!!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Fat Puppy

Hi Everyone! I'm back! My mom was SUPER sick last week so I didn't update. Of course this week she had to take my photo with Gerry again.....
 This is me at 10 weeks. I only weighed 13 lbs.

 This is me today at 12 weeks! I weighed 20lbs at the vets office on Friday. My mom says I'm fat.....I think I'm just cute....What do you think?

Once my little photo shoot was over.....(ok maybe in the middle of it....I'm only 12 weeks old give me a break...I decided I should run and see my Mom!)

 Happy ears!!!

 Sad ears!

 Happy ears again!!!!

 My Mom gave me a big kiss when I got to her! (Kind of embarrassing but maybe that means I'm growing on her)

So I gave her one back!!! She said ewwwwwwwwww grosss! HAHAHAHHAHAHHAH I WIN!!!
That's all for now! Time to go chase my tail!

Ocho Report
Ocho is still hanging out in Phase 8 waiting a match!  We can't wait to see you at graduation buddy!