Monday, December 5, 2016

The New Addition

 Hi! My name is Pantone! I'm the newest addition to the family!

I'm a little different than the other puppies though. You see I'm not a Guide Dog Puppy in Training.
Rather I'm a Good Dog! Autism Companion Puppy in Training!

 Autism service dogs serve as non judgmental companions that can help increase motor function, language and social skills, serve as a social bridge, increase quality of life for the entire family, help the child to become more confident in their daily life, and perform service commands such as deep pressure therapy, redirection, and grounding.

 Doesn't that sound like fun!

 I can't wait to learn so many things! And to get a kid of my own!

 Did you know my person gets a new title to? She's not a puppy raiser anymore. She's an apprentice trainer. I hope that means she has to teach me A LOT  of things so I can be the best service dog ever!

 For now though I'm just being a puppy!

And playing with my toys!

You will be hearing from me a lot!

 We can all learn this new process together and go on adventures!

 (aren't I cute in my little vest)

You can also check out my Facebook page. Search Good Dog Pantone
Or my Instagram GoodDogPantone
(I like social media in case you were wondering!)

Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Naughty Helper

 Today was a super fun day! The person invited her friend over and they said it was going to be a "baking day"... I didn't know what that meant but it was AWESOME!!!

Griff and I watched them make all sorts of yummy things! And of course cleaned up anything that was dropped! They made TEN different things!
But NO dog cookies:-(

At least we got to lick the peanut butter spoon!

 The people wanted me to take a photo with all their creations.... 
but I couldn't stop the naughty thoughts....

I may have acted on that naughty thought... Whoops!

Sorry Mom!
(No cookies were harmed in this photo sequence!)

And because Griff and I were such good helpers all day... we got to open the cookies that were gifted to us last weekend! Yum!
Baking day was fun! Maybe next year we can be taste testers!

                                                        Phanniman Report! 
 Phantom is in Phase 8
Phannie is still in Phase 8. Looks like he's going to spend Christmas in the kennel. Hope the CWT'S get him some nice peanut butter bones!
Phase 8—Final testing, finishing, and pre-matching
Dogs are tested for obedience, blindfold, traffic, and buildings. Dogs practice with less experiences handlers. Some dogs are given special training like how to push a crosswalk button. Dogs are prepared to enter class.