Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Humans are weird! And boy do they like to take pictures. Well I guess they can't help it when they have a puppy as cute as me! Anyways! It's Halloween so we went to the pumpkin patch this weekend.
John said I had to walk because I was a big boy. (I think he was just too lazy to carry me, and Mom wanted pictures)
First they made me sit in the middle of a bunch of pumpkins and so they could take my cute mug! I know, I know, I'm darling!
Then we found this cool rotted out one. I think someone was hungry and ate half of it. I wanted to eat the other half but Mom said no and I had to get my picture taken by it TOO!
 By this point I was TIRED (puppy legs are short) so I convinced John he should carry me a bit. He listens well to puppy talk.

But I guess his arms must have gotten tired because they stuck me in the wagon with this pumpkin. He's a pretty good looking pumpkin.....not as cute as me though!

The pumpkin patch was fun.....but let me tell you about the icky gross part of Halloween!
They make you wear a silly costume! I mean the little green vest I can rock.....but a hat and tie......

 Mom tried to make me wear it at work but I his my face so no one could see me!
Glad the silly humans only do this once a year.....right?


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Growing and Growing......

Hey Guys! Did I tell you I'm growing fast!
(Don't worry I'll always stay cute)

 This was me at 8 weeks when Mom first got me. I weighed 15 pounds and wasn't even as tall as the giant Eeyore when he slouched!
At 11 weeks I weighed in at 21 pounds and was taller than my pal Eeyore when he slouched.
 Guess what? Today is my 3 month birthday! I weigh 27 pounds and I am taller than Eeyore even when he sits up straight! I'm HUGE!!!! Mom's getting real tired of carrying me. She says I'm like a sack of potatoes......


Saturday, October 29, 2011

How to defeat a Jolly Ball...

I LOVE my Jolly Ball! 
But they are sneaky little creature and you have to know how to play with one or it may out smart you!
First you sneak up behind it and give it a good sniff. If will never see you coming!

Then you grab it! Don't let go it will try to get away!

Next you have to shake it as hard as you can. Don't worry about your head, braincells are replaceable (if you have any)
 Now you are free to pick it up and run like crazy all over the backyard....Wooooohooooo that was fun!

And that my friends is how you defeat the Jolly Ball!

Now for the Levi Report!

Levi is in Phase 0!!!!!!
Same phase as last week so she must be doing great! Mom says to say
"Keep up the good work little girl"


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Winning over Rembrandt

Hi my name is Ocho and I'm looking for friends.... I really really want to be Rembrandt's friend.
Here's the story of how hard I'm trying!

 He started out REALLY not liking me!

I thought about becoming a sandwich.... (Rembrandt LOVES food) But I'm not sure that would have solved the problem....

I really do miss him. Those three weeks I spent were fun! I might have to come visit him. But for now I need to work on making Rembrandt my friend, he will come around!

He's resisting....

 But I think I'm breaking him down..... I'll get there. He will love me. I'm so lovable! Everyone loves me! (except Remmy)

Friday, October 21, 2011

A HORRIBLE thing happened...

  Hi Everyone! This is Rembrandt! I want to tell you about this HORRIBLE thing that has happened to me...

His name is Ocho (see photo of demon below) and Mom brought him home on Sunday.
Don't let that cute face fool you.....he's the devil in fur!
I tried to give Mom my best pouty face to get her to take it back where it came from. (I mean we just got rid of the other thing. Can't an old man catch a break?)
But she didn't listen so I had to make my message a little clearer. (In case you can't tell I chewed up all of the demons paperwork. That should make him disappear right?)

But alas....The demon is still here....and I continue to least it's tied up.....

 Why does she need a new puppy anyway? She already has the cutest puppy in the world! And I can ride a motorcycle!

Sigh...I guess I'll figure something out....

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'm growing up so fast

I'm getting BIG!!!!!!

This is me when I was 8 weeks old when my Mom first picked me up.... I was 15 pounds( I'm with my buddy Eeyore so you can tell how much I'm growing)

This is me today 10/19/2011
I'm 11 weeks old (roughly) and weigh
21 pounds!!!!!
 Just for comparison sake (and because Mom thinks he's cute and I want to keep them both happy) here is Rembrandt next to Eeyore. He weighs 70 pounds.

Now for the Levi Report (drum roll please)

Levi is in Phase 0!!!!!!! YAY!!!!

 For those of you that don't know what phases are here is a description Mom gave me to put up for you. There are 8 total but I will post description as she enters them.

Phase 0- Arvival Period
The dog comes to the kennel and gets acquainted. The dog gets to walk around the campus and gets placed with a kennelmate that she plays well together with. The dog gets daily grooming,  any needed meds, cuddle time with humans, and is introduced to the community run playtime. The dog also goes through a health screening which includes hip x-rays,  a formal veterinarian exam,  an eye exam,  and and accurate weight. The dog is also made up to date on her vaccinations. Once all of this is done, the dog is placed in a "string" that contains 8-10 dogs.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'm baaaaaaaack......

 Hi I'm Ocho! Did you miss me? Probably not. I'm sure Levi kept you very entertained.
Let me tell you a little about myself!

I have baby pictures! Aren't I a cute little thing. (I know, I know I'm with a bunch of labs. Rembrandt already made fun of me for it)

 I like to eat. A lot.

  And sleep. A lot.

I live with my Mom, a couple of rodents, some fish and Rembrandt who is in the picture above. That was his reaction when he found out she was bringing me home. Guess I have a lot to do to win that big guy over. 
- Ocho

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I'm off to college and passing the Kong

 One last car ride with my puppy jacket. (I think they put it on wrong)

 And of course the customary photo in front of the guide dogs sign. 
(I was getting sad and didn't want to smile anymore)

Look they were welcoming me!!!!

So now I pass the Kong to you little Ocho. (And the Kong is my favorite) Take good care of my family and listen to what they say. And I promise, no matter what he might tell you, Rembrandt does like you. (at least a little) 

 They are all yours now Ocho. You better keep them updated with my phase reports. 
I'll see you all at graduation!!!


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Finding the Perfect Pumpkin....

 Today was my last day with my people. We decided to go to the pumpkin patch to celebrate and find the perfect pumpkin.

First we went down all the lines of sunflowers in search of the perfect pumpkin.

 Of course they made me pose with a group of pumpkins. (If you look close I'm slyly sticking my tongue out at them)

Finally we found the perfect pumpkin. She's right there.......second one up!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Collotype will miss me....

Today was my last day to go to work with Mom. 
I think Collotype Labels is going to miss my cheery face!

I was super nice and brought pumpkin chocolate chip cookies to celebrate.
(The sign says "Have a cookie and say good-bye to Levi" with my cute little mug next to it)

Everyone even signed a going away card for me. 
(Mom said she will read it to me later. She didn't want to cry at work.)

I spent most of my day like I normally do. Sleeping on my bed and chewing my bone.
But at the end on the day they told me they had a surprise for me!

I thought I was finally going to get to drink with everyone. (Come on! Aren't I old enough yet? I AM going to college!!!)

 But it turns out someone had brought me a special treat. It was sooooooooooo tasty.

So thanks for the fun Collotype! It's been a blast! Now its time for me to move on in my journey. Thanks so much for your part in my training. (Especially you Mr. Horizon Flexo Press, couldn't have done it without you) I leave you in the (hopefully) very capable paws of Mr. Ocho.

See you at Graduation!