Saturday, February 22, 2014

Happy Birthday Old Man!

Febuaruy 7th was my12th birthday!!!!

 Mom made me a cake! (well there may have been steak and meatballs involved in the evening only turn 12 once!!!)

I had more restraint than my younger brother and actually let her take photos of me with is before I ate it!

 But finally I more photos Mom!!!!! I am hungry...... (so we ate cake)

Happy Birthday to me!!! (just a little late)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

2nd Birthday Party for the Monster

I'm a little behind but my birthday was last month! 
I turned 2!!!!

We had a party and it was super fun!

 (I'm not sure what I'm doing here...)

They kept telling me there would be I waited patiently......

I played with my skunk....
Even Azara waited with me....

 More skunk.....I look a little possessed! SOOOOOOO HUNGRY!

 Then I played with my log......good thing I had toys to distract me from my grumbling tummy..

 Remmy chewed a bone.....

 Then a hog......that old man knows how to party

 Then smiled for the camera...of course

Then they made me look goofy for the camera....come on guys! Be nice! Its my birthday!

Finally it was cake time!!!WOOOOOHOOOOOOO 
 They tried to hold me back

 BUT I DOVE IN!!!!! (None of this silly puppy in training stay put for me.....
I may have eaten a candle....whooops!
 After it was taken away so Remy could have some I got a little more.....

 And of course the old peanut butter to the nose trick.....

 Zuzu says she can't wait for her next birthday!!!