Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sprinklers ain't gonna stop me!

So today I wanted to play with my red ball....but there was water....
Weird because it was super hot and sunny. right?

 Griff said to just shake it off and play....

 Isaac on the other hand felt it was undignified!
(Yeah that guy... the one that can't stay in an agility ring!)

 I decided to run in and get it anyway!*

 And race out!!

 But it GOT IN MY EYES!!! Something had to be done!!!
 So I found the source!!

 And I sniffed it....and snorted water up my nose! WHoops!

Then I stepped on it!!! I sure showed it!!!

*Yes I know we are all some sort of retriever. But in reality we are big wimps! Not gonna lie!