Sunday, April 10, 2016

Flying Away

Last weekend was a lot of fun!!!
It started off REALLY early (like 3 am) and we drove to this place called an airport.
Then the people put this weird leash on me and I had to sit while mom walked through a weird machine....and then I walked through it!!! 
Good thing we didn't beep like the people behind us and get taken to a room!!!!
Then we had to wait with a bunch of people in a room until the "plane" got there.
I learned later that "planes are these big scary things you have to climb stairs to get on while they growl at you! Good thing the lady waiting for us was super nice and patted my head or it wouldn't have been worth it!
Once we got on it was no big deal though! Just a little rumbling and my ears felt a little funny!
The people said it was a big deal and we had to take a photo when we got off....I did not want to....
I spent most of the weekend with a puppy sitter. 
(It was awesome. They had dogs that would actually play with me!)
Because the people had some event to go to... But I did get to do some fun stuff with them.....
That's me riding in the Porsche....
I also got to watch the fireworks at Downtown Disney. Initially I thought they were cool. Then I went to sleep...Whooops! Maybe Disney needs to make their show more golden friendly

We flew home on Sunday. But we got to the airport kind of early so I got to human watch for a while. People are weird!

That's our airplane out there getting ready for us to get on!
I took the plane photo by myself this time! And I even smiled!

Crazy traveling weekends take a lot out of a I tried to sleep on the people....

 But I ended up curled up on the floor from take off to landing.....SOOOOOO tired!!!
But a super fun weekend!
Until next time!