Monday, April 20, 2015

Sunday Swimday

It was hot on Sunday so we played in the pools.....

 Bindi tried to attack me....

 But I showed her who is boss....


She was afraid to go swimming! 

But I showed her it was SUPER FUN!
(and we made that guy look like he peed his pants!)
Look at the brave girl.....
(who spent the next hour chasing splashes....They say I'm the dork...)

 Remmy and I might need our own pools!

I love my life!
- Isaac

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Personalities!

 Group photos of the pack really can bring out our personalities!
 You've got me....the perfect guide dog puppy just trying to hold her stay... 
(ignore the laughing in the peanut gallery,  I really am perfect!)

The large white guy who laughs as he pretends to hold his stay 
but as soon as any noise/movement is made he leaps into action.

 (Knocking over his basket in the process)

 And of course the King.....Who just lies in his fluffiness and smiles through the whole thing.....
(He's done this a BILLION times before)

When it comes together we do look pretty darn cute though!
Happy Easter (a day late) from the three of us!