Sunday, March 25, 2012

Congratulations Levi!

 I got you when you were just 8 months old. Look how cute you were! (still are I'm sure) I can still remember that text message: 
"There's a female golden retriever available as a transfer pup, do you want her?" 
Of course I did!

You left in October, all grown up, or so you thought. You went off to "college to do amazing things! (and not follow in your buddy Rembrandt's footsteps)
I can't wait to see you again next weekend at graduation with your new 
partner and to wish you luck with your new life in Maryland!
 You  are officially all grown up now!
I love you little girl....and no matter where you are, you will always be my travel size buddy!

Your proud Mom

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dear Rob.....

Dear Rob,

My Mom did not expect to be spending the eve of her 27th birthday saying goodbye to you..... But since we don't control those things, we said goodbye and went to the beach afterwards, ran around (I did) and took photos (Mom did) since we know that you always loved her puppy photos.
 Here is Ocho running as fast as he can! (to the end of the leash of course because he's a puppy in training and not allowed to be free)

Here is the nutty puppy looking kind of like a mermaid as he emerges from the waves! 

 Here is me airborne with my new friend the Great Dane. Can't catch me!

And of course... Mom's specialty and the photos you loved so much.  A puppy portrait!
I even wore my Sheriffs bandana just for you!

So old man....while we weren't expecting you to leave so soon, the gifts you left us we will  forever be grateful for! I'm sure you are having a blast in heaven and I really hope they let dogs in (you think you can work something out with the big guy?)

Rembrandt (and Sheila)