Sunday, October 12, 2014

Graduation Day Zuzu Style

 She's all grown up now! Azara graduated on September 6, 2014!
She's living in Orlando, Florida!

The day we pick my puppies up I always dream of what graduation day could be like. (although sometimes its hard to imagine that tiny puppy could ever grow to do something that BIG)

Rembrandt imagines it too because he definitely doesn't want this puppy coming BACK home!

And graduation day never ceases to disappoint.
Azara had the greatest reaction to me. 
When we initially walked in she wagged her tail calmly as if to say "Hi people coming to see me". Then she looked at me and you could see the wheels spinning and the tail begin to wag faster. As soon as I said "Hi Azara" she launched herself across the room and gave me the biggest hug!
 I of course hugged back!


And in typical Azara fashion she held the leash in her mouth the whole time!

There were many kisses given that day....

And secrets told...... 
She told me I could share this one with you...She loves her job
(I don't think it's much of a secret though)

And of course I reminded her she needed to be the best Guide Dog she could be!

 I know she will be....

Graduation Day is always a day filled with happy tears. The puppy I love is setting out on her new career and doesn't need me anymore. But someone needs her...
So you ask,  How can I give my puppy up? 
Go to a graduation and you will have the answer to the most asked question in puppy raising land.