Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sneak Attack

 Today Mom told me I had to get my photo taken with Gerry again because everyone has said that I've grown!

 Rembrandt laughed at me!

 But I knew how to handle this one. I posed nicely with Gerry for one photo.....

 And then I attacked!

 That creature never saw it coming!!!

Ocho Report! Nothing new to report....Ocho is still hanging out in phase 8 waiting to be matched! Go Cho Cho!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Princess

Hi everyone! My name is Azara! I'm the new crazy puppy around here!

 Today played with my Kong!

Its a wily creature!

 I missed it once....

 But then I finally caught it!

  So I ran away in victory!

 I took a drink from the hummingbird feeder!

 After that I found a tasty leaf to play with !

 Aren't I cute!

 I captured that guy too!

 This is my pal Remmy. (Well he doesn't want to be my pal, but I keep trying) He is posing with Gerry so you can get an idea of Gerry's size.

 Here is me with Gerry! I'm 9 weeks old now! Getting bigger everyday!

Here is cute photo of me in my puppy coat. It almost fits!!!!!

 I tried the big dog coat on too. Maybe someday it will fit!!!

That's all for now!

The OCHO Report! Ocho is in Phase 8! Congrats OCHO!!!!
Phase 8—Final testing, finishing, and pre-matching
Dogs are tested for obedience, blindfold, traffic, and buildings. Dogs practice with less experiences handlers. Some dogs are given special training like how to push a crosswalk button. Dogs are prepared to enter class.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

I would like to file a complaint...

I would like to file a complaint. I mean I know I ate the wedding cake but this is more punishment than I really deserve don't you think? There has to be a society out there to protect the interest of all us nice old dogs!

I put up with "Pumpkin"

And I begrudgingly put up with  this crazy kid...

But when we drove to Guide Dogs on Friday and Mom came back to the car with THIS..... I really think I need to put my paw down....
I mean I guess its kinda cute....

 And they are giving me lots of surprises to make up for it!!!!

Alright "Princess" as you've been dubbed due to your Emergency Vet visit on your first day. I guess I'm stuck with you so I pass the Kong on to you. This whole blogging thing is way to much for my one braincell anyways!

Ocho is still hanging out in Phase 7......Go Ocho GO!