Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Cast Of Characters

 This weekend my mom invited a bunch of people(and their dogs) over to play.  It was quite the cast of charatcers!

There is Aislin.....
 The Bed Thief...  She stole the bed from Texas....

 But its ok....Texas is a bone hoarder.... GLB

And Dagan....who took the biggest dog bed and then made faces at the camera....

Azara....the dead puppy from playing all afternoon (and possibly doing something to make John very MAD)
Poor locked up Timmy...

I'm not sure why the anteater got his photo taken but I thought I better include him...
I think there may have been more dogs involved but I was very sleepy from my agility class so I don't' remember.... I was very fun...And I hear next weekend This whole crew is going to go swim in a lake....WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Monday, July 15, 2013

Long Fun Weekend!

This weekend was super busy!

I had Fun Day on Saturday and we went to the city on Sunday.... Remmy has been to Fun Day so he was telling me all about it on Friday....

This is me at Fun Day with my sister Alba....She was my only littermate that came but I got to hear a lot about my Dad Amador.....

On Sunday we went to the city on the Ferry.....I got to hang out with my boyfriend Kipling and his brother Timmy!

 I <3 Kipling!

 Aren't we cute together!

 We even held paws when Timmy wasn't looking!

Mom only has one photo from the city.....she forgot to photograph me!!! But I think Kipling and I are pretty cute kissing under the waterfall!

 It was a long weekend......I'm soooooooo tired!!!!


Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fun at the BEACH

 On the 4th of July we went to the beach! It was SOOOOOOOOO much FUN!!!!!!!!!

It was just me and Remmy and

our friend Aislin (she's mean to me sometimes, but I'm told I deserve it)
First I wandered around a bit in the waves 

Then I chased Remmy....hahahaha (too bad I was on a leash and he wasn't)

 I think John was trying to show me something in the water here but my little golden brain couldn't figure it out.....sigh.....

  So I tried to trip John a few times......HAHAHHHAHAHHAHAHAHAH it was really fun!!!!!

  Remmy ran up and down the beach too like a Baywatch model. Pretty good for an old man....

 There were smiles all around! The beach is super fun!!!!!

ps my mom couldn't decide on just a few favorite photos so she posted more on facebook...hahaha I'm just THAT CUTE