Monday, December 28, 2015

The Christmas Story

Last week the people took me to the store to buy a hat for our long trip down south for Christmas!
(I am not a fan of hats)

So we drove down....And we all went to sleep on Christmas Eve... 

Isaac was soooo tired...
(he didn't sleep the whole way there..dork)

I slept with a naughty toy....


And Remmy slept with his eyes open 
(I think he was hoping to see Santa!) 

On Christmas morning there were presents EVERYWHERE!!!! 

Remmy even dressed as a present!
(The people always say he's the best present ever)

 Isaac even opened his OWN presents!!!!

Remmy got a bone!
(he wasn't super excited)

 But he was super excited about the HEDGEHOG!!!!
(I think its like the millionth one we own
that I'm not allowed to play with)

 Isaac got one of those logs you pull squirrels out of
He went NUTS!!!


And then Isaac tried to steal it!!!!

So I stole his toy he opened up on Christmas Eve!!! HAHAHAHA

Then Isaac opened up more presents!!! 

And was exhasted!!!!

 This GUY!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

This Tree is JUST Right!!!

So the people cleared out this empty space in one of the rooms in the house 
(one I'm not allowed in very much....hmmmmm) 
I wasn't sure why, but I smiled for the camera anyway!

Apparently in December around "Christmastime" ( whatever that means... Rem says it means they dress you up in funny hats.....who knows) The people go and pick out a tree to bring into their house. 
Weird right? You can't pee on it if it is inside! But I was on board for the fun! 

So we went to the place and started looking......

This tree was MUCH to big!
This one was way too small! Come on people show me something I can work with!
 Finally! This one was just right....So we took him home! The people hang lights and  other weird things on them! This Christmas this is sooooooo odd!

 Searching for trees is exhausting!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Kids These Days

 I have to let you in on a little secret....
My "brothers" (I use that term loosely) are jerks!

I mean how hard is it to sit still for a photo?

Instead Isaac tried to catch imaginary flies....

He and the Phannie wandered aimlessly.

Phannie tried to climb into my Mom's lap

Then stuck his tongue out at her when she left the photo!

I guess Isaac thought this was his best side?

What the problem? Just let the world see how cute you are boys!!!

Sun's too bright...

I have to sneeze... 
(geez did we turn the fat man into a Diva?)
Kids these day! No Respect. 
And I guess they don't realize that you get more cookies when you lay nicely and let them take lots of photos of you ;-)


Sunday, October 25, 2015

Visit to the Pumpkin Patch

These people like to take pictures.....Today they took all of us to a place called a pumpkin patch.
There were lots of of people and this big loud booming thing that was making orange splatters....

Isaac and Remmy took the first photos...

 Then we took a photo with the lady in it.....aren't we cute!!!

 Isaac and I went in for our close ups!!!

And of course Remmy the poser had to have his photo taken all by himself.....
It was a fun place. But what is a pumpkin? And who is patch?

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Happy First Birthday Bindi!

 I remember the day I got you...Such a cute little ball of fluff....

Now you are all grown up and off having your own adventures!
(The perfect dog I hear)

We celebrated your first birthday today even though you weren't with us.... 
The boys were thrilled for an opportunity to eat cupcakes!
 Although I bet if you were here this would be more of the case....

Hope you have lots of birthday fun!
(And that your family gets you a cake!)

Stay cool Ms. B!

Monday, September 7, 2015

The Help

Hello....Today I'm going to introduce you to some servants of mine...

This is my peasant Phantom.. and court jester Isaac....
Ding dongs....

 Today the peasant entertained us with his antics...
 First he jumped face first into the pool...

 Then an attempt was made to dig to China through the bottom...

 Silly peasants....

I am the King....