Monday, May 30, 2016

How to torture a puppy.....Summer version!

Hi! Remy here.... Today I'm going to teach you how to torture a puppy.  I've become quite well versed in it over the years because my person insists on getting a new one every year...

First...Insert puppy. I have to admit. This one is kinda cute....But he's soooooo annoying that it doesn't make up for it... (and if he tries to play with my hog one more time there is gonna be a beat down)

Insert Jolly Ball (you have to take it away from the puppy, so yell squirrel or something)

Pee on the grass a lot so the people turn the sprinkler on to water it

"Accidentally" leave Jolly Ball in the middle of the sprinkler....

 Pooooooooor pupppy...... (evil laugh)

 He can't get his toy! Poooor tortured puppy!

 Don't worry I eventually taught him how to get it and he triumphiantly ran off with it.....
Such a happy dog!
( easy to make happy)

 And then played tug with the person's friend who I allow to live in the house...
(he's good for food sometimes)
- Rembrandt

Saturday, May 21, 2016

BART Rides and Apple Watches

We took the BART to San Fransisco today!
 We had to wait a loooooooong time for our train...

Nope! Not our train!

Finally our train arrived!

Kind of a bumpy ride! But I was a good boy! 
Even got a compliment about my calmness from a stranger!

I love to pose in the city!

 Then we went into this great big store that was all see through. It was crazy busy because of something called a "grand opening".  I could see the whole world from the top story. The people called it the "Apple" store....sounds tasty!

I smiled at the people in hopes of something fun....

So I got to go down these crazy see through stairs!
(Of course I was awesome on them too!)

  I was hoping to get an Apple Watch.....But the people told me it wouldn't stay on my paw.....

But I smiled anyway cause life is good!
(and all the Apple employees were in love with me!)
At least they let me look out the window again?

So tired....time to go home!

Friday, May 13, 2016

So Stinken Cute!!!

Mr. Phannie Man (Me) hasn't had a blog in a while so I decided I would spam you with some really cute photos of me....

 Here's me in my favorite position....

 Yah I like that pose...

 Toys make good pillows!

 All the blood is going to my head!!!

 I love my brothers!!! (not sure how they feel about me)

 So fierce!

 I'm stuck!

 Is it time to go home yet?

I'm so stinken cute!!!!