Saturday, August 23, 2014

Food Trucks and Fun

Last night we went to the food truck event as Wooden Valley Winery. 
(Look at me listening so well!)

 It wasn't very exciting for me.....But I did spend a lot of time being a good puppy and ignoring all the crazy kids that were running around me!

 My people said I had to take my photo with one of the trucks.....I was not a fan of the generator.....It was noisy!

 I liked the wine barrels better because Mom gave me a big hug!

 I was really thirsty after all that good food....

 J/K I'm underage....but the people said the wine was tasty! (obviously)

Soo Tired!
The Zuzu Report!
Azara is in Phase 8!!!!
Congratulations Azara! We knew you could do it!
(Guess that golden brain works pretty well ;-)

Phase 8—Final testing, finishing, and pre-matching
Dogs are tested for obedience, blindfold, traffic, and buildings. Dogs practice with less experiences handlers. Some dogs are given special training like how to push a crosswalk button. Dogs are prepared to enter class. 
This is photo of Azara in harness. No I haven't been stalking her on her workouts. She was selected by GDB to be their "demo dog" at an event in San Francisco and a friend sent me this photo. She is obviously very happy with her new job. I'm so proud of her and can't wait to see her again!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Road Trip!

 You know guys.....I loved my last clicker workshop...... It was a Remmy Roadtrip!
(That's my "I love it face," I swear.....I just wanted out of the tiny box I was riding in)

First of all we got to get rid of this thing
(He's annoying!)

And go for a long car ride with my goat (Remmy)

It also made me super tired by the end of the day

I took a really long nap....

Not sure why these two were tired.....since they stayed home all day but they were nice nap buddies!

I even slept nicely in my travel crate (mostly because Remmy was there with me. I love him!)


Mostly because I didn't want them to make me go outside.....It was soooooooooo HOT! Take me home to California please!

 The trip home wasn't quite as fun..... I think I stared out the window a loooooooot!

 I don't know what that says but it made the people very rained A LOT! And there was SCARY lights and noises. THANK GOODNESS for  the goldfish crackers the people kept feeding me!

I squished Rem on the way home too! 
(this was in between flirting with the neighbor car people, yes we were going that slow, and eating goldfish crackers)

And finally I stared at the door until the people took pity on me and drove faster!

 Remmy and I were tired when we got home.....
 2 down 2 to go! Time for a nap!

Zuzu Report!
Azara is in Phase 6 this week! Gooooooooo ZUZU!!!!
Phase 6—Urban ChallengesDogs learn new sidewalk techniques, are introduced to platform edges, light rail, and subway systems.

Phase 5—Traffic training and city work
The dog starts advanced guide work and is exposed to different buildings. The dogs are introduced to escalators and have formal traffic training. They are taught responsibility in making emergency decisions with traffic problems. Dogs are taught how to handle total barricades in paths. The vets have a meeting about the dog and review his or her health.