Saturday, December 31, 2011

Handsome Collars

So I have a bone to pick with Guide Dogs for the Blind. 

 Why do I only get to wear this UGLY black collar!

Look what Rembrandt got for Christmas!!!! Isn't he handsome in it? I want one so bad!!!!!
 Awwwwwww I want to be like my buddy but Mom says its against the rules. I think this is all silly!

 Rembrandt's new collar was made by someone Mom knows at work. You should check them out at

Another picture of Rembrandt in his handsome collar! I'm so jealous......Maybe when I'm a big dog and working with my new partner I can have one!


Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Fun

 Christmas was a fun day for me!!!! (and not just because I got lots of new bones)

I met a new friend. His name is King Leo! We had a faceoff!
Then I attacked!
And I squished him!!!!

So he ran away from me!

Good thing I could attack John!!!!


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas in the So Cal

Christmas is fun is Southern California.
Every year I go for my annual Christmas swim at The Resort!

 It's nice and warm so I can spend the whole day in my favorite place....the pool...
(After I open all my treats of course,  Santa is so good to me even though I was kind of a naughty dog this year)

I can get all wet and not be cold!
And then run around the pool like a mad man!
(no puppies allowed)

 Then Mom throws my toys and I chase it!
(The water was a little cold this year.... I request it be a bit warmer next year please!)

MMMMMMMMMMMM wet octopus!!!!!
 The best part....When I get out....I get to shake all over everyone! Including the obnoxious puppy!!!!!
Yay Christmas!!!!

Now for the Levi Report!!!!!
(Mom says I need to do it since the little brat has been a slacker!)

Levi is in Phase 8!!!!! (out of 8)

Phase 8—Final testing, finishing, and pre-matching

Dogs are tested for obedience, blindfold, traffic, and buildings. Dogs practice with less
experiences handlers. Some dogs are given special training like how to push a crosswalk button.
Dogs are prepared to enter class.

Go Levi! I can't wait to hear all about your graduation! Good job being smart and showing people that some goldens have brains (I do....I just chose to use them to party)!


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

When is MY Christmas Break?

I don't want to go to work today! Do you think if I park my butt in the parking lot and don't move Mom will get the message?

Guess not!!! Because here I am! And no the rope tug does not make it all better. Why do we have to be at work so much lately? And Mom says we are going to be here late again tonight too! Someone told me you are supposed to take vacations at Christmas, but it seems like we've been here even MORE!
When is MY Christmas Break? 

 Maybe if I do the "dead dog" someone will take pity on me and at least take me for a walk and I can look at some birds? (If I fart enough times under her desk, sometimes that works on Mom too:-)

 Back to the sad puppy dog eyes! I just wanna go HOME and PLAY!!!!

I guess I should update you on Levi. I was a bad puppy and missed a week of blogging so she's jumped a phase or two.
Levi is in Phase 7

I missed the week of Phase 6
Phase 6—Urban Challenges
Dogs learn new sidewalk techniques, are introduced to platform edges, light rail, and subway systems.

Now she is in 
Phase 7
Phase 7—Advanced training
Guide work training continues and dogs learn city traffic patterns, difficult crossings, difficult
clearance situations, areas with a challenging line, animal distractions, surface issues, curb
approach challenges, pedestrian islands, crowded sidewalks, different pedestrian climates,
additional city bus exposure, additional rapid transit ride exposure, escalators, and rounded

Whoooooo Hoooooo Go Levi!!! You are moving so fast! I can't wait to meet you at graduation!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Silly Hats

Mom isn't nice....She puts crazy things on me. She put this one on today because she said I needed a photo to go with my letter to Santa. I wonder who that is? Someone said he brings you things like Nylabones and Kongs :-) Do you think he might replace that dog bed I ruined so everyone quits making fun of me for it? 

 Anyway I have growing photos!!!! And no, for those of you out there wondering, I do not feel like the paparazzi is following me. I like it when my Mom takes my photo. (Except when I have to wear silly hats)
Here is me at 11 weeks! So cute!
 And 16 weeks when I got my shot that gave me my freedom!

 And here is today! Such a cute puppy I am! Yay puppydom!

Now for the Levi Report
Levi is in Phase 5!!!!!
Yay Levi!
Phase 5—Traffic training and city work
The dog starts advanced guide work and is exposed to different buildings. The dogs are
introduced to escalators and have formal traffic training. They are taught responsibility in
making emergency decisions with traffic problems. Dogs are taught how to handle total
barricades in paths. The vets have a meeting about the dog and review his or her health.

And that's all I have to report!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Ocho's First Photo Shoot

 On Friday Mom made me do a photo shoot......Seriously, Just because you have a cool camera and an ADORABLE puppy does not mean you always need to abuse the two together...right??? Who's with me??? Anyone, Anyone???

 I tried to tell her I didn't want to. (Seriously I barked at John. That did not go over well! I kind of got in trouble. SO MANY RULES!)

Then I tried eating things off the ground. My FAVORITE thing to do in the whole world. No one was real happy with me for doing that either....

Red even tried to help me out by running through the photos too! But Mom was persistent..

So I took some pictures. I guess they came out ok.  I AM pretty darn cute after all!

But they weren't satisfied with just a cute shot of me! Then they started messing with my ears!!!!
I look so SILLY!!!! ARRRGGGG MOM!!!!

And then of course they took pictures of Rembrandt. He must know better than me that there is no point in fighting it.  He sat right down and took great photos. Sigh....I'm just a puppy! I don't know any better!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

 Today they told me it was Thanksgiving. And then we got in the car and drove FOREVER. When we got to a place called Coarsegold (pretty neat place....they have real dear in the backyard) they made me pose with the scarecrow (this scarecrow didn't have teeth...for those of you that know the significance of that)... Silly humans!

Mom tried to dress me up.....but I would have none of it.....I gave her my demon dog face!

Did someone say TURKEY?!?!?!

 Guess not because all they gave me was a bone to chew on. Bummer. It was fun going to a new place and meeting all those new people. Time for bed!

 And for the Levi Report!!! Dun Dun DUN!!
Levi is in Phase 5!!!!!!
(the little phase skipper)

She blew through phase 4......
Phase 4—Intelligent disobedience

The dogs are expected to make decisions when necessary and to work past distractions. Dogs are
exposed to traffic work and learn stop, hold line, and back up on their line. New handlers come
and make sure the dogs accept their body being handled by strangers. Extra socialization is given
to the dogs that need it.

And now she's in 5.....
Phase 5—Traffic training and city work

The dog starts advanced guide work and is exposed to different buildings. The dogs are
introduced to escalators and have formal traffic training. They are taught responsibility in
making emergency decisions with traffic problems. Dogs are taught how to handle total
barricades in paths. The vets have a meeting about the dog and review his or her health.

Yay Levi.....Keep up the good work!!!!


Saturday, November 19, 2011

I'm a BIG boy now!!!

 Today Mom told me I had to go get more shots!

 I said NO NO NO!!!!

But Mom told me that if I went to get my shot today I could go EVERYWHERE!

So I talked it over with my buddy Rembrandt.....And decided maybe it was a good idea. The world might be a fun place!

I was a little scared......

But I did it! I got my big boy shots! Now I can go anywhere right?

I think they played a trick on me. Mom says I still have to wait a few days until the shots takes effect... So here I am....still stuck behind the gate.... Sigh......

Now for the Levi Report!
Levi is in Phase 3!!!!!
She's moving right along!
 Phase 3—Preliminary testing
Dogs are obedience tested for sit, down, heel, come, and stay with distractions. Dogs are tested
for food refusal and general ease of body handling. The dogs go through their preliminary
blindfold testing over approximately ten blocks.

Yay Levi! Keep up the good work! We are looking forward to graduation!