Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The last ones!

Levi was next. I'd been living in Northern California for about a year and finally had a job in the office. I approached HR about having a service puppy in training in the office and he told me "he didn't think they'd go for it but I need to ask the President and VP."
GULP.... I was freshly out of college and this was a terrifying thought.... But I sucked it up and did it. And they loved the idea!

I got Levi at 8 months as a transfer pup. She was a great ambassador to my work and taught them that puppies could be good and fun and not "horribly" disracting.

She was a great girl and I think Remmy even sort of liked her.
 This guy loved her to death. She was his first puppy and when we returned her it was the first time he'd ever told me he hated me. Obviously he didn't meant it!

She became a guide dog of course but tragically passed away in June 2011 much before her time.
Naughty Mr. Ocho came next!
He gave me a run for my money but I loved it!

 He loved to work  so much but was such a puppy!
(From what I hear this is still the case)

 He became such a beautiful dog! Almost giving Rem a run for his money.

He became a guide dog (after spending a LONG time in training) and it was awesome to watch him work at the alumni reunion!

 Then there was Azara... or Zuzu as I called her!

She is my princess (even getting princess Minnie ears at Downtown Disney)


 She fit in the family perfectly.....

 But she became a guide dog too! She went to live in Orlando Florida. I might need to go visit Disney World at some point!
 Hensley was next! (wasn't he a darling puppy)

 He was a little worried about the world

So he became a career change and lives in an awesome home where they cook for him and take him on play dates. Sometimes I'm jealous!
 Then came Bindi!

 She was sometimes naughty at work! (but that wall is gone now so its ok!)

 She loved her toys.... or maybe the other dogs put her there so she'd leave them be!

She was career changed for timidness. She lives with the a co worker who adores her and routinely tells me that she's "such a love" (and she is!)

 I got Phantom as a "started puppy", meaning I got him at 4 months.  That was awesome!

He was the first puppy I got to fly with on an airplane!

And pretty much lived on his back.....

 He's currently back for training. In phase 8. Hopefully he will be matched soon and we can see him at graduation. If not he's welcome home! But I don't think that will happen! Love you Phannie!

 Avery was a "starter puppy" I raised while I waited for my golden. Look at those wrinkles!

She's currently in Danville and I hope to see her again at graduation!

 Fashion is the final puppy  I raised for Guide Dogs for the Blind.
She is a super sweet little golden.

She's currently living with her new raisers in Monterrey and loving life!

And with that I hang up my Guide Dogs for the Blind puppy coat! Don't worry! There will still be puppies! It's just time for something new! 
Stay Tuned!

Monday, November 28, 2016

The last of the supervised....

Then there was Kira!

 Another Goldie! And a crazy one at that!
 She was career changed for over exuberance and went to live with my sister's yearbook advisor.

After Kira came Smidge...
 She was the first of Flossie's babies. Look family photo. My sister has Flossie and I have Smidge. My parents are in the background.

 She was the first dog I could really claim. While I'd been to meetings with the others and helped with the training, my name was finally on this application as a co-raiser!

 She became a guide dog of course!

Love the Smidgie!

 Kirby came next. And she was my first puppy that was all my own (and a golden of course!)

 Boy did I love her!

 There was a rule in my house growing up that if we wanted to keep raising puppies we couldn't keep any career changes... I would have stopped raising for Kirby!
Good thing she became a guide dog!!!!

 Amara was from the last Flossie litter. We weren't planning on getting her but Flossie had a heart attack  and it was our last chance to raise a baby. She was still around waiting for us in the kennel because her Mama had gotten a little exuberant cleaning and she was missing a toe!
  The three toed wonder became a guide dog!!!

Then came Hartley...

 He was a naughty guy!

 But he put up with my shenanigans so I can't complain much!

He was career changed and went to live with one of my dad's motorcycle friends
Then came Rembrandt!
He met me at the airport when I got home from a yearbook trip.
Biggest fluffball ever!
He tortured poor Kiva (our career change that someone else raised) cause he was a naughty kid!
(Guess karma sucks sometimes :-)

 But he also put up with my shenanigans. Yes he is the princess and I am the frog!

 And was ultimately career changed for "over exuberance and dog distraction"
(Best decision GDB ever made)

Don't know why my parents let me keep him. I was headed off to college. I guess it was because "I wasn't going to raise anymore puppies!"
Best Decision Ever
Thanks Mom and Dad!

So that's it for puppies raised with supervision. Onto Crazier times!