Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Pantone the Artist!

Yesterday they asked me to do a photoshoot for 
Good Dog Autism Companions! paint night fundraiser!
Check out http://www.gooddogautismcompanions.org/painting-parties.html
for more info!
 First I caught the brush!

 Then I ran away with it!

 Then I tried to paint.....But couldn't figure out what that meant....

 So I did my best moody artist pout!

If you have the time, buy a ticket and come paint! You can meet me at both the Sacramento and Walnut Creek event! Should be a blast and you will be helping kids get great dogs like ME!!!!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Come on guys LETS PLAY!!!

Come on guys!!! 
We have an extra day off and the lady painted weird things on the lawn! 
 Aww kid I'd love too...But these old bones would rather just sunbathe....Besides I have everyday off!


 Fine you boring guys I'll play on my own!!!


 And running!

 And ball chasing!

 SOOOOOOO much fun!!!!

And of course portraits....cause we are soooooo amazing!!!
(aren't I cute) 

 Isaac did not want his taken...

 But perked up to the word "cookie" of course!

 And then went........

 What a nut!

And as old men do.....Griff just posed....

This whole extra day off thing is fun! I hear people are coming over later too! SCORE!!!!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Weekends are for ball playing...

Today we played ball!!!! 

 It was sooo fun I lept in the air!!!

 Then I tried to catch the ball in the air!

 I'm not very good at it apparently.....

 But I can do a mean puppy dance!!!

 I call bad throw on this one!!!

So close!!!

 Finally I caught it!!! Wooooohoooo!!!

Then we played fetch again...
Wait... where did the ball go?

I love the weekends!!!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sprinklers ain't gonna stop me!

So today I wanted to play with my red ball....but there was water....
Weird because it was super hot and sunny. right?

 Griff said to just shake it off and play....

 Isaac on the other hand felt it was undignified!
(Yeah that guy... the one that can't stay in an agility ring!)

 I decided to run in and get it anyway!*

 And race out!!

 But it GOT IN MY EYES!!! Something had to be done!!!
 So I found the source!!

 And I sniffed it....and snorted water up my nose! WHoops!

Then I stepped on it!!! I sure showed it!!!

*Yes I know we are all some sort of retriever. But in reality we are big wimps! Not gonna lie!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Colors goes to a wedding!

Last weekend I was invited to a BEAUTIFUL wedding!
It was a friend of the peoples...actually the bride was the one that introduced them!!! 
I was so excited to be invited!

First we took some photos with the beach background.....
(Isn't my wedding collar so PRETTY)

 Then I took some photos with the people...
I think they like me!!!

Then we went to sit down..... 
And we got to watch the bride walk down the aisle!!!!!!
(I waited so patiently) 

She was such a pretty bride! I got to take my photo with her after the ceremony! 
I felt so special! She dubbed me Colors the puppy! 

 After the ceremony we got to eat dinner! Well the people got to eat dinner.... I just got to wait in line....politely

And then lay sadly under the table while everyone ate yummy tacos!
Woe is meeeeeee!

Later the bride threw this......I caught it!!!!!

 I hear that means I'm going to be married next. I don't know what that means. But it sounds scary!

 I needed a drink!
Such a fun night! 
Love you Nat and Nate!
<3 Colors