Sunday, June 12, 2016

College on the Horizon...

Let's go guys!
The people said I need to get ready to go to "college"..... so we went shopping for the essentials!

They had lots of cool stuff there... I got my list and I checked it twice....

I need a bookcase to store all the books I will read to fill my big head with knowledge! 
(I'm gonna do great things you know!)

And a bunk bed! I will be THE COOLEST roommate! I mean I love to play and sleep and all the best stuff!

And I will bring my guitar to sing songs and wooo the pretty ladies....

And bake cakes shaped like hearts so the instructors don't fail me when I'm late to class after a late night of Kong Pong.... (I'm too cute to fail!)

I hope they don't make me do my own laundry! I'm just a baby dog!

College is going to be a blast! I can't wait! 

Friday, June 3, 2016

We interupt your normal scheduled goldeness.....

 Hi everyone! I'm Bolt! Last week this crazy lady came and took photos of me and my Mom
 (and the big scary dog she has)

They wanted me to take photos with the big scary dog! But look at him! He's trying to eat my Mom!

So I ran away! Hahahahahhahahahahha! I thought I had a good plan!

But Mom told me not to be naughty.....soooooo

 I took a good photo with the scary dog (AND MOM!)

 Then is was time to put the big scary dog away and just take photos of me and Mom!

 I ran away from that too!!!!
(But they laughed at me so it's OK right?)

 I took some silly shots....

But of course we took amazing ones too!

Love you all!!!
(except you scary tall people)