Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sailing to SF

 On Sunday we took the ferry into San Francisco....
I tried to eat the ticket so I could just stay home and play but the people convinced me it would be fun.....
 The ride over was BOOOOOOOORING....

But I got to hang out with this chick....

I swear this was a kiss....I wasn't just eating her hair!

I took my photo with the ship! 
(the ground was REALLY HOT that day so the people held me in a lot of the photos)

We took our photo in front of the sign too.... I stuck my tongue out in the first one so we had to redo... 
Naughty puppy ;-)

 Then we walked down to Pier 39 to have lunch....

I got to walk on the magic musical stairs 
Who knew puppies could make music with their paws?
We met Puma's (my brother) people at this sign... Puma didn't come because they were doing more exploring than we were. We live close to SF and can come back!

We also took this PAWSOME photo....

And this one just so you can see how cute we are!!!!
After the Pier 39 security picked us up for cuteness overload.... we took the bus back to the ferry building....
 I hung out and people watched in the ferry building while the people drank milkshakes.....
ummmmm fair much?
 Oh yah and we saw my brother Palmer that day of course the people had to take out photo......cause we are just THAT cute!!

 Then we headed back....Do you see that sign behind me....only for 10 adults? What am I supposed to do? Dog paddle?

It was a FUN DAY!

Last weekend we went to this thing called "Fun Day"
We went back to where I was born at Guide Dogs for the Blind and there was TONS of puppies wandering around!

I had a lot of fun wandering around and visiting all the booths and sleeping through the presentations. 
 As you can see.... The people's Dad was having a blast too!
(I think he was waiting for lunch!)

I got to meet a bunch of my littermates again AND my Dad.... He's the handsome one in the middle. 
I hope I'm as good looking as him when I grow up! 
My Mom would have been there too but she was back in the kennel waiting for her next date. 
We met her people. They are very nice too!

I also got to see K again! She "started" me. She had me from when I was 8 weeks old until I was almost 16 weeks when the people took over. I was very happy to see her!
(She said I looked very handsome and was turning into a nice puppy)

 Then we ate lunch.... I wanted to eat lunch with my new gf Osma.....

 But she decided to take a nap....

 So I followed suit.... 

It was a exciting and super fun day!


Saturday, July 11, 2015


 My people are SLACKERS!!!!

 You'd think with a puppy as cute as me they would update the blog EVERYDAY!!!!

 (Even my butt is cute, huh?)

 Instead they only did my intro.....

 And haven't done another since!!!!!!!


This cute.....

I think this should do it! :-)

Just so you can see how big I'm getting...This was me at 4 months when they got me...

This is me today at 6 months.....Don't I look stunning in my bow-tie? The peoples sister makes them!
Hopefully you will hear from me again soon! I'll try to keep being really cute!
- Phantom