Thursday, September 29, 2011

Is it Friday yet?

It's been a long boring week. And they promised me the beach this weekend! Is it Friday yet?


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Meet Ocho

Hi I'm Ocho!
I was born on July 30, 2011
I’m the newest addition to the golden clan. This is my blog about my life growing up as a puppy in training. Rembrandt says I can only write on it 7/8ths of the time because I’m only 7/8ths golden (1/8 the lab). But I don't know how to do math! I'm only 8 weeks old! (I think he doesn't like me....I'll have to work on that)
This is me sneaking into Mom's garden. That is not the correct thing to do I found out. Mom doesn't like dogs in her garden AND I'm not supposed to have tennis balls. So many rules to learn!

But at least Levi liked me. I got to play with her for a little while before I went to my sitter. I get to spend 3 weeks with a sitter learning lots of things while Levi prepares for "college" Then when she leaves (and everyone cries, including me, she's a fun dog) I can come home and be the terrorist everyone in the kennel warned my Mom about!

So for now I will leave my blog in the very capable paws of Levi and Remy....See you in three weeks!


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cool Spots in the Shade at Winerys

Hi I'm Levi
I puppy #12 and a crazy golden retriever. They keep telling me I'm going somewhere soon, (college or something) and I'm beginning to believe it considering the amount of photos they are taking of me. Just yesterday we went wine tasting (well they did....I just looked for cool spots in the shade) and all they could do was take pictures!

First we went to Artesa (and I refused to put my ears forward in the picture and be cute)
The we had lunch at Gott's is St Helena. The burgers smelled so good. But they keep telling me I'm going to be a guide dog and I can't have people food. (I think that it's silly. Rembrandt keeps telling me people food is AMAZING)
Then we went to Castello de Amorosa . I was hot so I didn't take very cute pictures.
I met a cat there. I thought he wanted to play!
Then he hissed at me. Mean kitty!

We went to Sterling to and rode the gondola....but my silly mom forgot to take any pictures of me!
I was a pooped pup last night.....And today they tell me I get to meet a new friend who's name begins with "O". How fun is that!


Friday, September 23, 2011

Isn't 11 enough?

Isn’t 11 enough? Really! She could have just stopped with me. Then she had to go get that silly little golden girl Levi. And when I finally have her trained the way I want her…. She tells me we are sending her away. YAY!!!!! But wait. Apparently there is a catch to this plan. It means we are getting a baby puppy. When I heard this I was so mad I ate corn cobs (but that’s a whole other story, I don’t recommend it). He is a male golden/lab cross and his name begins with “O”. I bet it’s something stupid like Onomonopeia! I have to meet him on Sunday and then at least I get three more weeks of relative peace. Sigh…. Anyone have any steak I can drown my sorrows in? (Don’t tell Mom, I’m only supposed to be eating rice)Thirteen. Some people say it’s a lucky number….we’ll see about that!